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This workshop is going to be fun, practical and insightful. Jacinta has a dynamic teaching style that will keep you busy the entire time.

Workshop: The Journey Begins

This three hour workshop is a departure from the usual weight loss programs in that it focuses on your mind, not your body. I figure that any intelligent woman in this day and age knows how to lose weight and can access the information she needs.

Losing the weight isn’t the hard part. The real challenge comes when you’ve achieved your goal weight, you’re fed up with being on a diet and you’re ready to claim your life back. As we all know, the hardest challenge is maintaining the goal weight when the ‘diet’ stops.

That’s why this program takes you on a different journey. The goal is to help you understand why you do what you do and how to do it differently. It redirects your attention away from diets, calorie counting, and deprivation and instead looks at the psychology behind why you overeat, why you engage in emotional eating, what causes you to sabotage your goals, and most importantly, what can you do instead. You will learn how to reconnect with and trust your mind-body-emotional wisdom and as a result you will design your own road map to a healthy long term weight.

Participants will receive:
Welcome Wallet, Great in 8 Journal, Course materials, Motivational Card Set

If you would like to talk to Jacinta before committing please send her an email or give her a call.

Who is this program for?

This program is not suitable for everyone. If you just need to lose the Christmas kilos, then this program is not for you. This is a program is aimed at women who are fed up with years of living the diet mentality and are ready to commit to sustainable life-style changes. If you are ready to embark on such a journey, then please contact Jacinta to find out more.


$75 each

includes Welcome Wallet, Great in 8 Journal, Course materials, Motivational Card Set

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Workshop 2 – The Journey Continues

This workshop builds on from workshop 1, so participants are encouraged to complete that first. You will have spent a four weeks trying out the tips and tools you were given in workshop one and we will review your progress. The topics below will form the basis of the next phase of the program.

Understanding yourself

Beliefs around food and weight Hungry or non-hungry eating Eating triggers Managing your emotional roller-coaster Habitual thoughts and behaviours Assertiveness skills – learning to say no

Understanding change

Getting committed and staying motivated Identifying your payoffs Facing your personal and social saboteurs Creating a success environment

Prepare for success

What you focus on is what you get Find your life passion Design your Success Plan


"I attended the workshop `What does the heart have to do with achieving your ideal weight?’ last Tuesday in The Hague. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening. Lots of thought provoking stuff beautifully brought together by Mary Jane Roy of `Creating Waves’ and Jacinta Noonan of `Big on the Inside’. It all just makes so much sense – Thank you ladies!"

Teresa Moynihan