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Toss the diet and come with us on a new journey

one that will light you up, lighten your load and fill you with joy, because the answers to achieve your most healthy weight are right under your nose.

Are Diets Really the Answer to Long-Lasting Weight loss?
In this session we’ll look at the positives and negatives of dieting. We’ll show you how to design your healthy eating plan based on sound knowledge and facts. Plus you will learn the other key ingredients required for successful weight management.

Emotional Hunger and How to Feed It
Physical hunger is only one type of hunger. In this session we explore emotional hunger, understand how it works, and learn useful strategies to flip it, so that you can manage your emotions in ways far more useful than by putting food in your mouth.

The Great Binge – Why do I Keep Doing it? How can I stop?
All of us have experienced over-eating – where we indulge way beyond the point of feeling full. In this talk, we will explore what is going on during these overeating episodes, we help you to understand what triggers them, and give you the strategies you need to manage the next one.

Why Women Love to Eat Chocolate
There are women who love eating chocolate, and savory and for good reason – it makes us feel good! In this session you will learn how certain foods, (sugar, fat & salt) affect our brain chemistry, and why certain combinations cause us to eat more, or less. With this understanding you will start making better food choices and be better able to resist cravings when they hit.

Facing up to the “E” Word
The very idea of exercise can be daunting for many people trying to lose weight. We all know that physical activity is good for the mind and the body, but some of us find it hard to stay motivated. In this session we will show you how to increase your physical activity in step-by-step increments and how to switch on the right mindset.

When I am Thinner, I Will…. Why putting your life on hold is never the answer
Many women put their life on hold, thinking that when they reach a certain weight, “real” life can begin. Learn how to free yourself from these empty promises, and start living fully right now. You will discover that when you allow yourself to ‘do’, ‘be’, ‘have’ what your heart desires, a lot of your emotional eating struggles simply disappear.


$45 each

Includes: G8 Journal & Handouts

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"I thought both sections of the presentation were very interesting, motivational and useful for my situation. I was aware that I had an emotional eating – problem but didn’t know how to tackle it. Jacinta’s presentation gave very useful tools to help start working through it.

Your presentation, Mary Jane was hugely interesting. I didn’t know that stress can have so profound effects on the heart and the body. It really gave the motivation to recognise the stress triggers and try to minimise them. And also to try to be kind to myself and remember to laugh more. The venue was very nice too and the group small enough for everybody to have a chance to comment if they wanted to."

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