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Studies have showed that Group Coaching can be an extremely beneficial in maintaining momentum when trying to achieve your most healthy weight.

That is why Big on the Inside offers you the opportunity of joining a Coaching Group.

You don’t have to go it alone. Join a group of like-minded women and experience how much easier it is to achieve your most healthy weight when given the right encouragement and support.

Having the support of like-minded women who truly understand what you are going through can be an asset when trying to achieve your most healthy weight. Share experiences and challenges; receive tips and encouragement; have a laugh and a cry; build confidence and self-esteem. Relax in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding as you become big on the inside and watch what happens on the outside!


How does it work?

Participants meet once a week to discuss challenges they are facing and to share their successes. They will receive support, tips, fresh ideas and encouragement as they navigate their journey to a healthier weight.  Jacinta will act as a facilitator, keeping the discussion moving and providing insights linked to key themes that emerge each week.

Participants will receive a special Big on the Inside Journal in which to track their progress and to record key learning points.


12 Week Program and Session Structure

The program runs in blocks of 12 sessions, 2 hours per session. The first week is titled “Getting to Know You”. The session guidelines are explained, which include confidentiality agreements, code of conduct and the philosophy behind Big on the Inside. Then each participant sets personal goals and prepares a plan for the journey ahead. Personal introductions will be made and stories shared for those who feel comfortable doing this. This first session can take up to 3 hours.

The next 10 sessions open with a short introduction from Jacinta, followed by an update from each participant who receives instant feedback from the group. At the end of the session, everyone commits to at least one action for the coming week and summarizes the personal learning gained from the session.

The Session 12 will be an “Acknowledgement and Closure” session where we look back on the journey, review the key themes and consolidate the learning which has emerged over the 12 weeks.

Plans will be set for the next steps so that the momentum continues after the program ends. The group will also discuss whether they wish to continue for another block of sessions. Sometimes people are quite happy to finish at this point while others enjoy the group support and decide to continue for another 12 weeks. This is entirely up to the individuals to decide what is right for them.

The package includes:


  • 12 weekly sessions of group support, plus the Big on the Inside journal, a copy of the book, My Perfect Weight, and session handouts
  • 25% discount off individual coaching sessions booked with Jacinta

If you think a group coaching is just what you’re looking for

call or email Jacinta to find out more

** Please note, groups are run when there are enough participants. Morning, afternoon and evening groups available. For information about group coaching in your area, call or email Jacinta.


"I feel a lot stronger to take charge of my life. I did not expect to gain so much from the course so was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this experience to everyone."