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Woman enjoying her freedomIf you’ve spent years searching unsuccessfully for the perfect diet that will transform your life, then maybe it’s time to start searching closer to home. Toss the diet and come with us on a new journey; one that will light you up, lighten your load and fill you with joy, because the answers to achieve your most healthy weight are right under your nose.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And yet many people still chase that elusive dream promised by the crash diet headline – lose weight in only 7 days! Let’s face it, how can you expect to undo a lifetime of bad habits in just one week? How can you expect to learn about your inner self and retrain your thought patterns in such a short time? How can you achieve a state of self-love and self-mastery almost overnight? Intuitively we all know true change requires time and, whether we like it or not, change requires effort.

If you are someone who is determined to change and is truly committed to developing a much healthier and happier relationship to food, yourself and with your body, then the Great in 8 Package is for you.

Great in 8 begins with an intensive one to one session with your coach where you will explore your weight issues in depth. The change process will already begin as you will leave with your first action plan.

The next phase is a series of 2 half-day Workshops, plus 6 Talks. You will leave each session with an action plan to keep you focussed for the coming week plus extensive handouts and tools to support you. By the end of the series you will have in your possession a valuable reference manual that you will continue to refer to when needed.

As a Great in 8 participant you will also receive a Welcome Wallet, Big on the Inside Journal, Motivational Card Set, Personal Goal-Setting cards and 50% off a coaching session with Jacinta

Upon completion of the Great in 8 package you will have begun to truly change. You will be in charge, not the food, not your triggers, not your emotions. With your new found knowledge you will now make INFORMED choices about how to achieve and maintain your most healthy weight. You will no longer be at the mercy of your emotions but instead have the tools you need to manage your emotions. You will have developed the discipline to engage in regular exercise and you will have acquired the skills necessary to achieve a sustained lasting change.