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What is ‘Big on the Inside?’

Big on the Inside is a specially designed program to set you to free from the dieting treadmill, to cultivate a healthy attitude to food and eating and to develop a positive attitude to your body.

The aim of ‘Big on the Inside’ is to provide information to help you make informed choices about whether to diet or not; to provide you with knowledge about food, emotions, physiology; to help you understand the triggers that cause you to overeat; to build the skills needed to overcome these triggers and to learn new empowering techniques to deal with uncomfortable emotions. The program also aims to help you develop a positive attitude about yourself and your body. This is done through one-to-one coaching, or by participation in a workshop or a combination of both.

The title Big on the Inside was inspired by an article I read about a larger sized woman who said she felt big on the outside and very small on the inside. This made me feel sad. I decided that we women have to turn this around. We must find out who we are on the inside and expand this part of ourselves until we become Big on the Inside. When we are living a life filled with passion, interest, stimulation, fun, love and laughter, it is much easier to divert our attention away from our physical selves and onto the world around us. Our bodies are our temples; they carry us around in this world, and deserve to be treated well, but our physical is not who we are. We are much more than that.

Diets only focus on what you put in your mouth, Big on the Inside focuses on what you have in your mind! I call it dieting from the head down.

Wishing you all a great journey as you become ‘Big on the Inside’.

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"I feel a lot stronger to take charge of my life. I did not expect to gain so much from the course so was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this experience to everyone."