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Changes on the outside

only last when rooted

in change on the inside.”

Barbara Birsinger

Be Weird. Be Random.

Be Who You Are.

Because You Never Know

Who Would Love The

Person You Hide.



I achieved my perfect weight when I:


Stopped focusing on calories and started focusing on myself
Lived with gusto instead of nibbling at the edges
Faced negative emotions with courage not a tub of ice-cream
Decided – “To hell with it, I am going to live every day as if I am magnificent!”

Jacinta Noonan

Big on the inside is a unique approach to achieving your most healthy weight.

Jump off the diet treadmill and free yourself from food and weight obsession.

Discover how a different focus gives you a better result!


Everyone has different needs when it comes to dealing with weight issues and dieting is rarely the solution. With one to one coaching you receive individualized help, focusing on your specific needs and supporting you step by step to achieving your goals. Read more.

Group Coaching

You don’t have to go it alone. Join a group of like-minded women and experience how much easier it is to achieve your most healthy weight when you feel supported. If you prefer to be in a group, click here.


Maintaining a healthy weight, especially after you have reached your goal weight, requires self-knowledge, skills and the right information. That’s why we run regular workshops and lectures. If you feel you would benefit from this approach, click here for details.

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